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Jira's Reviews

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Mickey's Honest Review of Jira

I've been friends with Jira and her twin sister for several years. She's just finally old enough to do this, but she's always been mature enough. She actually runs her own escorting group of about 10 girls in the Esan area. Very high scale operation though with her making her girls available to very high class Thai's at rates surprisingly much higher than we usually make available here.

I've asked her to start getting involved with us as I can see quickly moving her up into managing girls here and maybe even running everything in the future.

Warning, she's use to seeing only Thai men before. She speaks very good English but hasn't been with you foreign men before and she's a bit worried about your dick size. So anyone larger than average DO NOT bother booking her. If in doubt, send a picture of it as if you waste her time booking her and are large, she's keeping the money but not doing anything with it inside her. I make that threat that way as I know from past experience that some guys will just lie and say they are average or small to get the girl there. Try that with Jira and you'll be paying but not enjoying fully.

She has the most incredible personality and you'll instantly fall in love with her. Similar personality as Bae.

She's a student and part time model so her schedule is already very busy and add to that the 10 girls she manages and she keeps herself constantly busy, but she might be able to arrange time to meet you.

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